“Andrew is a consummate musician. Not only is he a master of guitar but he is able to visualize the big picture and has an excellent sense of what goes together.”   Albert Bouchard (founding member /drummer Blue Oyster Cult)


For the past 20 years guitarist Andrew Aldridge has carved out a spot for himself in the Canadian, and International, music scene with a distinctive sound and style that supports and enhances the artist and their craft.  Danny Michel, Sarah Slean, Lori Yates, Oh Susanna and many other critically acclaimed Canadian artists have chosen Andrew as their guitarist for touring and recording. His complimentative style and ability to adapt it to other genres have given Andrew the opportunity to play with more diverse acts such as Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult), Jakalope (Dave Olgive/Trent Reznor), Nudie (old school traditional Country) and The Battle of Santiago (afro cubans-post rock).

As a producer, Andrew has been involved with several albums that have either been nominated or won Hamilton Music Awards and has previously been nominated for ‘Producer of the Year’. These accolades have continued to further his career as a producer.

Andrew started the experimental ‘Planet of the Loops’ collective. In 1998 and has made appearance at various experimental music festivals such as the ‘World Looping Festival’ in Santa Cruz and the Toronto Jazz Festival. Currently he is working on new recordings with his Alt-Country/Rock project “Mississippi Bends” with Mary Simon and  touring with Sarah Slean and Battle of Santiago.


Appearances (live and/or recordings/broadcasts)

Sarah Slean

Danny Michel

Tia McGraff

Duan Rutter Band

Universal Honey

Wild Strawberries


Leonard, Burns and Dell

Mississippi Bends

The Sterling Moss

Rosiff Sutherland

Shane Yellowbird


Lori Yates

Albert Bouchard (BOC)

Melissa McClelland (Whitehorse)

Oh Susanna

Lynn Miles

The Supers

The Swallows

Alex Baird

Sean Hogan

Rae Billing/Crybaby